Video: Syrian military police chief defects to join ‘the people’s revolution’

The more defections the merrier

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In what could be one of the highest-level defections from the Syrian government, the country’s military police chief has reportedly left Bashar al-Assad’s forces to join “the people’s revolution.”

In a video posted online this week, a man identified as Maj. Gen. Abdul Aziz Jassim al-Shallal announced his defection and said he was joining the country’s popular uprising.

“The Syrian military has strayed from its core mission in protecting the homeland to become nothing but armed gangs that kill and destroy the cities and the villages, carrying out massacres against our innocent civilian population that came out demanding freedom and dignity,” he said.

Al-Shallal had been plotting his escape to Turkey for weeks with the help of rebels, said Louai Miqdad, a spokesman for the rebel Free Syrian Army.

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Christmas in Syria

Merry Christmas everyone!
During this season I’ve been guilty of caring about gifts and parties and forgot about the pain my family in Syria is experiencing. That all came to an end this morning as we made phone call after phone call to our Syrian family and realized they had a terrible time. No one talked about attending church, it was way too dangerous. And no one talked about exchanging presents or their christmas decorations. All I heard was “our faith will guide us through this time” and “thank God we are alive”. This Christmas wasn’t as merry as westerners are used to. My family is in the process of leaving the country which is a blessing for some but such a sad reality. The stories that I heard today were of families leaving Syria and getting stranded in refugee camps with no water or food, no real shelters and waiting for other family members to rescue them. What I was really impressed by is their strength and courage. My fear dear readers is that my family with their young kids get stranded in a foreign country with no resources and no way for us to help them. As I’m writing this I’m reminded that we have shifted from talking abut Assad to talking about fear and life. I think we should learn something important when we discuss our fears from the people of New York. After Sep 11th they vowed to never let fear guide their lives, we should take the same vow! Never let Assad and his thugs place fear in our hearts. I understand its hard, I really do, and I understand that our families are dying and they would say its hard to stand up when we have no weapons, no food, and no possessions left.however let history teach us one lesson, killers never win, never! Tyrants always fail, Always! And the people always win! Always.
Therefore we will stand behind our “rebel” army we will stand behind the people that are fighting for freedom and soon, trust me readers very very soon Assad will fail. My message to you today is to speak up for freedom, speak up for injustice and speak up for your rights.
Merry Christmas

I will add a daily death toll of Syrians to remind people of Assad’s brutality.
Today 60 people have died across Syria, may they all rest in peace.